Neokoroi currently has three programs available for interested parties. Each of these programs has an application process that is fairly detailed, for the purpose of keeping our goals high. The programs are:

The Exegete program regulates our exegetai, the individuals who are considered religious experts on our gods, or on Hellenic ritual in general. The application is extensive, and requires much work on the part of those who want to become an exegetai.

The Mantis program recognizes our diviners and oracles, and again, the application process is arduous and skill must be shown to a panel of already-recognized Mantikoi.

The Eranos and Thiasos listing is less of a program than a listing of groups recognized by Neokoroi as a whole. Groups must submit an annual report to Neokoroi discussing their activities for the past year, such as festivals celebrated, interfaith work done, members joined, etc.

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