HE EPISTOLE (a “message” or “letter”) is published quarterly. We offer articles, hymns, prayers, poetry, reviews, information, community notices, fiction, recipes, and anything else of interest to the Hellenic polytheist community. We welcome feedback and submissions from guest writers.

Issues available:

Issue #26 – Spring 2012
Includes articles on: Athletics in Ancient Greek Religion, the Greater Aretesia, featuring the artist Amanda Sioux Blake, poetry and more…

Issue #25 – Winter 2011
Includes articles on: House altars, the story of Perseus, featuring the artist Lykeia, poetry, and more!

Issue #24 – Summer 2011
Includes articles on: Rediscovering Pan, At the Crossroads, Thargelia Art, Hidden Acrostic, poetry, and more!

Issue #23 – Spring 2011
Includes articles on: House Spirits, the relationship between Apollon and Helios, the new columns with News and a Bulletin Board, poetry, and more!

Issue #22 – Winter 2010
Includes articles on: Solstice, Modern Hellenismos, Apollon, poetry, stories, recipes, and more!

Issue #21 – Autumn 2010
Includes articles on: Death, Apollon, Aphrodisia, poetry, artwork, recipes, and more!

Issue #20 – Summer 2010
Includes articles on: Making a spiral garden, the Dioskouroi, Apollon, community news, recipes, and more!

Issue #19 – Spring 2010
Includes articles on: Demeter Erinys, Apollon, Persephone, poetry, recipes, and more!

Issue #18 – Summer 2009
Includes articles on: Celebrating Persephone’s Return, Panthenea Ritual, The Real Zeus and Hera, recipes, poetry, and more!

Issue #17 – Summer 2008
Includes articles on: Gardening with Demeter, My Dionysos, Peacock Dionysos, Hekate’s Prayer, Marriage Blessing, Hounts, poetry, and more!

Issue #16 – Spring 2008
Includes articles on: On the Delphic Maxims, Urania Muse of Astronomy, Euridice’s Lament, A Wedding Strife, artwork, poems, and more!

Issue #15 – Winter 2007
Includes articles on: Consulting Trophonios, God of War, Numinous Photography, poems, and more!

Issue #14 – Autumn 2007
Includes articles on: On Persephone, Library of the Ancients: Nomos, Orphic Hymn to Demeter (translation), Dancing for the Gods, Ashes for Hekate, Encountering the Gods, poetry, photography, and more!

Issue #13 – Summer 2007
Includes articles on: Behind the Mask of Paian, Library of the Ancients: Archilochos, A Brief Overview of Greco-Egyptian Syncreticism, fiction, poetry, book reviews, and more!

Issue #12 – Spring 2007
Includes articles on: Hera: The Power Behind Change, Ares and Hestia: Partners in Social Activism, My Life with Artemis, Kyklos Apollon Ritual, Theoxenia for the Nymphs, poetry, hymns, and more!

Issue #11 – Winter 2006
Includes articles on: Not a People of the Book, Hestia – the Overlooked Olympian, Song for Zagreus/Dionysos, Incense Offerings, book reviews, poetry, and more!

Issue #10 – Summer 2006
Includes articles on: Syncretism and Ecclectisim in Hellenismos, Hesykhia: Divine Silence, Of Oracles and Seers, Khthonic vs. Olympain Worship, poetry, profiles, and more!

Issue #9 – Spring 2006
Includes articles on: Creating Effective Ritual, Faith and Doubt, A Religion of Experts, The Virgin Goddess, Hellenic Polytheist Networking, poetry, hymns, profiles, and more!

Issue #8 Autumn 2005
Includes articles on: Devotions to Zeus, Aidoneus, A Retelling of an Orphic Cosmogony, Autumn Festivals, poetry, hymns, and more!

Issue #7 – Summer 2005
Includes articles on: One from Many, Divination: A Hellenic Perspective, On Persephone’s Grief, Summer Festivals, On Being a Neokoros, book reviews, poetry, artwork, and more!

Issue #6 – Spring 2005
Includes articles on: Temporary Festival Shrines, Song to Apollon, Callimachus’ Hymn to Artemis, Demos Profile, Ritual for Kyklos Apollon, Spring Festivals, poems, and more!

Issue #5 – Winter 2004
Includes articles on: A Personalized Festival Calendar, Offering Ritual to Aphrodite, Offering to Hypnos, Bacchae fragment translation, book reviews, and more!

Issue #4 – Autumn 2004
Includes articles on: The Ancestors and Heroes, Food’s Central Role in our Religion, Whom do I Serve?, Autumn Festivals, book reviews, poems, and more!

Issue #3 – Summer 2004
Includes articles on: Household Gods, Reconstructionist Ritual for Non-Hellenes, Kronia Festival, Summer Festivals, poems, book reviews, and more!

Issue #2 – Spring 2004
Includes articles on: Nymph Worship, Dionysos as a God of Sacrifice, Amphiphontes recipe, Communication Matters! Spring Festivals, and more!

Issue #1 – Winter 2003
Includes articles on: Who are the Neokoroi?, The Agathos Daimon, A Newbie’s First Year, book reviews, and more!