Though many of our members are far apart, we have many opportunities to share in the joy of group ritual. Some people host local events to which others are invited. Our monthly Noumenia ritual can be celebrated with many of the Neokoroi all around the world. We encourage our members to share their own rituals, both for informational and for sharing purposes. Every ritual shared provides information and opportunity to new and old members alike to touch base with others who worship as they do, as well as introducing new ideas to the mix. Rituals can be based on ancient festivals, holy days, or can be entirely new creations designed to serve the modern Hellenic Polytheists in your community. If you wish to add your ritual to our list, please contact the webmistress with the text of your ritual, and she will post it. Please provide links or citations if your ritual is based on ancient or historical practices, so that others can learn and educate themselves as well!

Neokoroi Rituals:

Rituals by our members:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail the webmaster.