Asclepios is the God of medicine and healing whose staff is the symbol of medicine even today.


Asklepios is even more concerned with health and healing than his father, Apollo. He comes to people in their dreams, and works miracle cures or advices them how to act. He shows people how to live better lives, how to be more fit and energetic. Spiritual healing and psychology are also his concern. All of his skills he gladly shares with mankind, teaching them the secrets of health, and aiding them as they help their fellow men, being patron of Medicine.

God Of

  • Medicine

Primary Cult Centers

  • Epidauros
  • Kos
  • Messenia
  • Tricca


  • Agnitas – Unknown meaning
  • Amumonos Ieteros – Blameless Physician
  • Basilei – King
  • Epios – Mild
  • Ieter Panton – Healer of All
  • Paieon – Healer
  • Soter – Saviour


Snake, Staff (NOT the caduceus)


Snake, Dog, Cock


Frankincense, Any animal but male goats, Cocks, Pigs, Votive gifts of clay representing healed limb or of Asklepios himself, Money, Laurel, Olive, Oak, Garlands, Paeons, Rings, Candles, Armor, Mirrors, Locks, Poetry and hymns, Songs, Anything requested by the God during incubation/dream/divination


  • Asklepia (8 Elaphebolion (March – April)) Celebration of Asklepios the God
  • Asklepieia (Varies) Generic name of festivals of Asklepios in all cities
  • Daily Sacrifices (Daily) Daily morning and night sacrifices by the priest in his major temples
  • Epidauria (8 and 18 Boedromion (September-October)) Simpler preparation to the Great Mysteries

Ways to honor

Live a healthy life. Be mindful of what you eat, and it’s effects on your body. Exercise. Learn about vitamins and alternative medicine. Explore Reiki and incubation. Visit the sick. Donate time or money to medical research and treatment. Follow your doctor’s advice. Strive to learn about health and disease and help in health campaigns.



Ancient Hymns and Texts

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Modern Hymns and Devotions

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Primary Sources

  • Apollodorus’ Library 3.10.3-4
  • Homer’s Iliad 2.729-733
  • Homeric Hymn to Asklepios 16
  • Hyginus’ Poetica Astronomica 2.14
  • Orphic Hymn to Asklepios 67
  • Ovid’s Metamorphoses 15.533-546, 15.626-744
  • Pausanias’ Description of Greece 2.26.3-10, 8.25.11


Modern Books