A Child’s Prayer to the Two Goddesses

Goddess of Harvest and Goddess of Spring,
Mother and Daughter pure,
Thank you for harvests and all good things,
We pray to you and adore.

Demeter, O Goddess of golden grain
And crimson poppy flowers,
We love you in sunshine and laughing rain,
Your all-creating powers.

Persephone, beautiful daughter divine,
Beloved of the King,
Each spring we bring daffodils to your shrine
And the whole world starts to sing.

In autumn we celebrate Mysteries deep
As the earth turns red and gold.
It’s time for the plants to fall back to sleep,
But we worship you through the cold.

For after the Solstice the Light returns,
And Death yields up his Bride
And through the Wheel of the Year we learn
That our Goddesses always provide.