Anadikia Ritual

We have jointly created a new festival to be celebrated annually as a community – both Neokoroi specifically and anyone else in Hellenismos who wishes to join us. This is still a work-in-progress, so check back for more ideas, fleshed-out rituals, etc.

Name: Anadikia, meaning “renewal of action”

Date: 1 Hekatombaion, or the nearest weekend (July 15, 2007)

Purpose: to honor all groups of gods, to celebrate our community, to ask for blessings in the coming year, give thanks for blessings received, etc. Also an opportunity to worship gods you normally don’t, and to divine which gods might want your attention.

Structure: we honor the “Olympian” gods (loosely defined) in the morning, the Nature gods/spirits in the afternoon, and the Khthonioi in the nighttime. These are defined through theoxenia-type feasts for each meal, related to the group of gods honored.

Activities: feasts with full formal ritual preceding each one (procession, purification, libation, sacrifice, etc.), agon (physical contests, chess, board games, darts, etc.), crafts (wreath making, mask making, face painting), temporary shrines built for each group, music played/sung, divinations, ecstatic rites….

There is no specific ritual script for this day, to allow for personal improvisation, but these are suggestions for ways to celebrate, and we will all be doing similar actions at the same times throughout the day.